Double Fusion

Sanrizz Academy  Double Fusion

1. The hair has been pre-lightened using AH Diamond Lightening Powder +20 Volume then toned with AH lightest Ash Blonde to create a cool metallic tone.

2. Take a central section working up towards the crown and plait from the root area. Next take two fine lines either side to create the contrasting colour.

3. To create a dual tonal effect, start with the first application of Silver, applying half way down the AH Freedom Wrap. 

4. Apply pastel pink as the second colour to the mid lengths and ends.

5. Remember to follow the pattern created on the AH Freedom Wrap this will allow control of every section.

6. To create a marbled effect use the AH textured silicone brush to apply clear over the dual tones.This will create an illusion of light and reflective shine.

7. Use the medium AH silicone brush to blend and create a sharp edge.

8. With the next section create the hidden panel using clear and marble together.

9. Finally place the plaited area on the AH Freedom Wrap following the guideline and apply a combination of Silver and pastel pink.