Dual Lights

Sanrizz Academy  Dual Lights

1. Section the hair to create two oblong panels placed slightly off centre at the top of the head.


2. Begin to apply AH Light Gold Blonde to the root area of the first section.


3. Apply the second colour to the mid lenghts either side to create a rich copper hue.


4. The next section will complete the first panel creating lighter roots and deeper richer ends.

5. To blend the sections start the second panel weaving a large area to create a veil of length through the top.


6. To create shadow at the root area and contrast of lighter ends work opposite with the colour application.


7. Sectioning the hair from the crown to the centre of the ear, starting from the roots build a base of intense copper.


8. Following the same procedure, apply the base colour to the second side using a Freedom Wrap to protect the hairline.


9. Continue on the final side and pay attention to filter the application at the hairline.

9. Once the global application is complete check all areas.