Graffiti Colour

Sanrizz Academy  Graffiti Colour

1. Divide the hair into three sections, a side triangle, an oblong fringe and a triangle up to the crown.

2. Using an AH Freedom Wrap and silicone brush apply AH cool Ash Blonde.

3. Apply AH Violet using the smallest AH silicone brush to create a pixilated effect.

4. Apply a Violet filtered shine line over the Two Tones for a soft shadowing effect.

5. Fill in the triangle section using AHViolet at the root and Lilac on the rest of the hair.

6. Working up the head create colour panels of Raspberry roots and Lilac ends.

7. Apply light Golden Copper, this veils the technique allowing directional movement when styling.

8. Apply light Golden Copper, continuing the global application at the back.

9. Continue on the final side and pay attention to filter the application at the hairline.